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Reference Goats

Goats that previously resided here and produced kids



Happenstance CHG Chip Bit X Happenstance L Tracytaylor (AGS registered)

DOB 8/15/2018

Click here for ADGA pedigree

Rocky was a sweet little cuddle bug. He took a little longer to mature and remained somewhat smaller than my other boys. His size did not stop him from performing his duty with a large saanen doe, Saasha. 


Unregistered Saanen

DOB 3/2/2018

Saasha was a large saanen, weighing about 160 lbs as a young 2 year old. She milked around 10lbs (a little over a gallon) daily at about a month fresh as a first freshener. She had quite the personality and loved to play games. A very gregarious goat.

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