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Please read thoroughly if you plan to purchase a goat

A non-refundable deposit of ½ (half) the sales price is required to hold a goat.  If for any reason, after the deposit is made, the goat becomes sick or injured the deposit will be refunded. If the buyer changes their mind, or cannot complete the sale for any reason, the deposit will not be refunded. Sales are on a first come, first serve basis after proper vetting of a prospective buyer is done. I will not hold any animal without a deposit in place.


Reservations on specific breedings are free. You will be added to the reservation list in the order requests are received. Once the doe kids you will be notified within 48 hours and have 48 hours to respond after notification. If you do not respond within 48 hours your reservation is canceled and becomes available to the next person on the list.

We reserve the right to retain a goat at any time during the sales process. We also reserve the right to sell goats to what we feel are the best homes based on management and care. Deposits will be refunded for these reasons.


Balances due must be paid in full before the goat leaves the farm. Final payments are required before or at the time of pick up and must be paid through Paypal or made in cash.

The buyer has the option at the time of pick up to refuse the goat if they feel the animal is not healthy.  We cannot guarantee the health status of a goat after it leaves our farm.  We care about all our animals, on the farm and off, and will be glad to offer advice if you have a problem or question.  Although, we are not veterinarians, if you feel you have a serious problem with your goat you should seek veterinarian care.


Kids sold will be disbudded, tattooed (registered does and bucks only), vaccinated, receive coccidia prevention and have ADGA registration applications when they leave the farm. Microchipping registered goats is an option if requested by the buyer for an additional fee. 


If you are buying a goat from Rainbow Root you must purchase 2 if you do not already have goats or show proof that you will be obtaining a second goat from another farm.  Goats are social herd animals and do best when they have the company of at least one other of their own kind.  Wethers will be banded at 8-12 weeks at which point they can leave for their new home. In special circumstances I will allow a bottle-raised wether to leave before 8 weeks with a contract stating he will be banded by the new owner or brought back here to be banded at the appropriate age.


Taking a goat off our farm implies that you have read and agree to the terms of sale and are satisfied with the condition of the animal.


Our herd is tested annually for CAE.  We can also test for CL, TB, Brucellosis, and Johne's at the buyer’s expense. 





Goat Sales Policy: Our Farm
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